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Adidas Suing Yeezy?

ByPhil Collins

Apr 8, 2024

Has anybody else noticed that recently Yeezy has been quiet and under the radar? That is because sneaker giant Adidas is supposedly suing the Yeezy brand for $250 million! In today’s article, we will be spilling all we know about the latest drama. Grab your popcorn, as this is about to get exciting.

Rap legend and mastermind behind Yeezy, Kanye West, took to social media to share the latest updates between himself and Adidas. This is exactly what he had to say: “Not only are they putting out fake colourways that are not approved, they are suing me for 250 million dollars, and they are also not paying me for these shoes that they are putting out that have my name on it. And they are using contract clauses to trap me.”

Ye is known for his controversial speeches, and this one was no different. He essentially accused Adidas of selling fake colourways that he did not approve of and making money from his name without giving him a dime. In a TMZ interview, Ye also added that Adidas had been stealing his designs for a long time, even before they tried to sue him.

To this date, Adidas is still selling Yeezy sneakers and has made a supposed 374 dollars from the brand. Fans of Kanye are saying this is completely wrong, and the sneaker giants should not be profiting from Ye, especially if they are suing him. We also do not know much about the lawsuit at this current date or if it has even fallen through yet, but time will tell.

The Yeezy brand has been exceptionally quiet recently, which could be a sign that he is currently undergoing legal problems. While a lot of people are siding with Kanye and believe we should ‘boycott’ Adidas, others blame Kanye for not reading the contract correctly.

This is all we know of the current situation so far but remember to stay tuned for any updates that may develop in the coming months. For more blogs just like this one on sneaker brands like Yeezy, Air Jordan, Nike, and Adidas, be sure to check out our others.