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Avoid Damaged Sneakers and Get Travel-Smart with These Sneaker Tips and Tricks for Your Next Trip

ByPhil Collins

Mar 21, 2024

As the sneaker pros, we are here today to give you some of our industry tips and tricks to avoid damaged sneakers when you travel. So, continue reading to get yourself travel-smart for your next trip so you can wear your favourite kicks with pride.  

Tip 1: The 3 Shoe Rule 

Are you stuck with too many shoes and cannot decide which ones to take on vacation with you? No problem! This first tip is something we like to call the “3 Shoe Rule”. If this is the first time you are hearing about this then you are in for a treat, it is something truly genius and will change the travelling game forever… 

If you are going on a business trip then you are looking to pack a pair of dress shoes, comfortable shoes, and a pair of sneakers for travelling in. This way you are smart, comfy, and stylish with space still in your case. 

If you are going on a warm weather holiday, you will want to pack sandals, sneakers, and dress shoes, by selecting these three pairs of shoes you have a comfy travel option, shoes for day, and shoes for night. 

Tip 2: Using Shower Caps??? 

That’s right! Shower caps are a cheaper and great alternative to those expensive sneaker bags that you can buy. This way you can fit lots more sneakers into your suitcase without worrying about any pairs getting dirty or scuffed. 

Tip 3: Sneaker Boxes Don’t Always Have to Be Thrown Away 

If you have travelled to a sneaker convention or you bought a limited-edition pair of kicks and you don’t want to throw the box away, then why not undo the box to keep it flat while you travel?! This way, when you get home you can prop the box back up into shape and it’ll be good as new. 

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