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Matching Sneakers to Some of the Most Iconic Red Carpet Looks of All Time

ByPhil Collins

Apr 26, 2024

It is that time again where we match sneakers to red carpet looks. This time, we will be matching sneakers to some of the most iconic red carpet looks of all time. From the Met Gala to the Oscars, we will be covering them all. Who doesn’t love a pop of streetwear on an extravagant night out? Keep on reading to find out which infamous red carpet looks received a dash of street style.

Lady Gaga and Her Meat Dress Paired with Air Jordan 4 Retro Red Cement:

Lady Gaga is infamous for stirring up controversy with her red carpet looks, and the 2010 MTV Music Video Award Show ‘Meat Dress’ look was no different. Although this look was, well let’s, say peculiar to say the least, it has indeed gone down in history as one of the most iconic red carpet looks. We think that the Air Jordan 4 Retro Red Cement sneakers are a perfect fit for this look. The colourway contrasts well with the red meat dress, and these sneakers also provide all-day comfort. This means Gaga can strut down the red carpet with ease.

Zendaya and Her Cinderella-Inspired Dress Paired with Nike Air Force 1 Low White Icy Blue:

The modern-day Cinderella story would definitely be a lost sneaker instead of a lost glass slipper. Zendaya wowed the globe with her stunning Cinderella-inspired dress that even lit up! The Nike Air Force 1 Low White Icy Blue sneakers are the perfect match for this red carpet look. The sole features a hue of icy blue, meaning a magical feel is still brought to this look.

Billy Porter and His Tuxedo Gown Paired with Nike Dunk High Reverse Panda:

Billy Porter decided to bend the rules of fashion with his 2019 Annual Academy Awards show, and we were all here for it. The Nike Dunk High Reverse Panda’s could not be a better match for his tuxedo gown look.

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